Evox WC-108 Reclining Electric Wheelchair - Aluminum Frame

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Why Choose Evox WC-108 Reclining Back Wheelchair

Introducing the Evox WC-108 Reclining Back Wheelchair with Aluminum Frame – where comfort meets unparalleled functionality. Crafted with precision and designed for your utmost convenience, this wheelchair is not just a mobility aid; it's a lifestyle enhancement. Constructed with a lightweight aluminum frame, the Evox WC-108 ensures effortless maneuverability without compromising on durability. Glide through your day with ease, experiencing a newfound sense of independence and freedom. The sturdy yet lightweight build makes it the perfect companion for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Easy Folding Without Removing Any Accessories
65 x 38 x 66 Centimeters
Stainless Steel
Electromagnetic Break

About this item

Material: Crafted with excellence, the Evox Reclining Wheelchair boasts a robust steel frame enhanced with liquid painting, ensuring durability and compatibility as a foldable wheelchair. The safe dry finishing process, utilizing finely ground particles, creates a protective finish that adds to the chair's longevity. The sturdy framework not only provides reliability but also incorporates powder coating for enhanced durability, making it resilient against damages and extending its lifespan.

Adjustable: Experience unparalleled comfort with our highly adjustable Evox Reclining Wheelchair, specifically designed for long-term users with unique postural needs. Additional components are seamlessly integrated to provide unparalleled support, enhancing productivity and making a significant impact on your daily life.

Features: Tailored to meet individual physical needs, our reclining wheelchair offers the flexibility to adjust and customize. Unlike wheelchairs designed for temporary use, our product focuses on providing a close fit, superior postural support, and pressure relief for long-term users. Elevate your comfort and support with a wheelchair that understands and adapts to your unique requirements.

Easy to Control: Navigate effortlessly with the user-friendly controller, conveniently located on both the left and right sides. The back support ensures extra safety, while the flip-up armrest simplifies the process of sitting and getting up from the chair. Indulge in the plush comfort of our cushions, and revel in the adjustable footrests and foldable backrest that add to the ease of use.

Outdoor & Indoor Purpose: Versatility is key with the Evox Reclining Wheelchair, designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The seamless transition in and out of the wheelchair, efficient propulsion, and easy repairability make it a reliable companion. Enhance your activity levels with a functional and comfortable wheelchair that not only promotes independent mobility but also reduces dependence on others.

Revolutionize your mobility – choose the Evox Reclining Wheelchair for a life of comfort, support, and independence.

  • Company Headquarter : India
  • Item Model No: WC-108
  • Parking Brake: Yes
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Controller: Attendant Controller
  • Driving Range: 15-20 KM
  • Max Speed: 6 KM/H
  • Weight Bearing Capacity: 100 KG
  • Battery: 24V
  • Electromagnetic Brake: Yes

The Evox Best in India Wheelchair isn't just a mobility aid; it's a lifestyle upgrade. With its superior steel frame, customizable features, and seamless control, it's more than a wheelchair – it's a companion in your journey to increased productivity and enhanced mobility. Whether indoors or outdoors, experience the freedom to move effortlessly, independently, and with unparalleled comfort. Elevate your lifestyle with the Evox Reclining Wheelchair and redefine the way you navigate the world. Choose comfort, choose independence – choose Evox.


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