EVOX Lightweight Electric Wheelchair WC-107

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Why Choose EVOX Electric WheelChair WC 107

Experience the freedom of movement with the EVOX WC 107's ergonomic design, crafted for your utmost comfort. Its lightweight frame ensures easy maneuverability, allowing you to navigate through tight spaces and busy environments with unparalleled ease. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional wheelchairs and embrace the liberating experience that comes with the EVOX WC 107.

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Black and Silver
Light Weight & Foldable
26 kg
100 kg
Electromagnetic Break

About this item

Lightweight and Foldable for Effortless Transit: Experience the epitome of convenience with the EVOX Electric Wheelchair WC 107, weighing in at just 26 Kg. This lightweight design ensures easy handling, allowing you to navigate your surroundings with minimal effort. Its foldable feature adds another layer of practicality, making it perfect for transit. Whether you're heading to a friend's house, taking a trip, or simply moving around your home, the EVOX WC 107 is your ideal companion.

Peace of Mind with One-Year Warranty: Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our priorities. The EVOX WC 107 comes with a comprehensive one-year warranty, ensuring that you have the support and assurance you need. Trust in the durability and performance of our wheelchair, backed by our commitment to delivering a product that stands the test of time.

Attendant Controller for Seamless Assistance: The EVOX WC 107 goes beyond individual mobility – it's designed for shared experiences. The inclusion of an Attendant Controller ensures seamless assistance, allowing a caregiver or companion to navigate the wheelchair effortlessly. This thoughtful feature enhances the user experience, fostering a sense of independence and connection.

Upgrade Your Mobility ExperienceWith its lightweight build, foldable design, one-year warranty, and Attendant Controller, the EVOX Electric Wheelchair WC 107 is not just a mobility aid; it's a complete solution tailored to your lifestyle. Embrace the freedom of movement with a product that's built for versatility, convenience, and peace of mind.

Order Now and Enhance Your Mobility: Ready to elevate your mobility experience? Order the EVOX WC 107 now and enjoy the benefits of a lightweight, foldable design, coupled with the assurance of a one-year warranty and the convenience of an Attendant Controller. Redefine your independence and make every journey a seamless, enjoyable experience!

  • Company Headquarter : India
  • Item Model No: WC-107
  • Parking Brake: Yes
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Controller: Attendant Controller
  • Driving Range: 15-20 KM
  • Max Speed: 6 KM/H
  • Weight Bearing Capacity: 100 KG
  • Battery: 24V
  • Electromagnetic Brake: Yes   

Upgrade your mobility and redefine your independence with the EVOX Electric Wheelchair WC 107. Seize the opportunity to experience unparalleled comfort and freedom because you deserve the best.Don't let anything hold you back. Embrace life's journey with the EVOX WC 107. Order now and rediscover the joy of effortless mobility – a step towards a more liberated lifestyle awaits you!


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