Evox Battery Electric Wheelchair WC-102ME

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Why Choose Evox Battery Electric Wheelchair WC-102ME

Experience unparalleled mobility with the Evox Battery Electric Wheelchair WC-102ME, designed to redefine the way you move. This cutting-edge wheelchair is crafted for individuals seeking seamless navigation through any terrain. Glide effortlessly through crowded spaces or cruise down outdoor paths with the WC-102ME's powerful battery-operated performance. Enjoy the convenience of independent movement, whether you're indoors or exploring the great outdoors.

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WC 102ME
46 Centimetres
51 KG
100 KG
Electromagnetic & Manual Brake

About this item

  • Larger Front and Rear Wheels for Obstacle-Clearing Excellence: The Evox WC-102ME boasts larger front and rear wheels, elevating its capability to effortlessly navigate obstacles. 
  • Comfort Redefined: Flip-Up Armrests, Detachable Footrests, and Calf Strap Indulge in the lap of luxury with the WC-102ME's thoughtfully designed features for ultimate comfort.
    - Heavy Duty Wheels: Built to last, the WC-102ME is equipped with heavy-duty wheels featuring solid tires. 
  • Preventing Health Complications: Beyond mobility, the WC-102ME serves as a proactive solution to prevent secondary health complications associated with immobility. 
  • Easy Control: Take control of your journey with the WC-102ME's user-friendly features. The controller can be effortlessly used on both the left and right sides, providing convenience for users with varied preferences. 
  • Operated with Ease: Whether propelled by the user's hands or the convenience of a battery-powered motor, the WC-102ME adapts to your preferred mode of operation.

    Experience the epitome of comfort, control, and convenience with the Evox Battery Electric Wheelchair WC-102ME. Redefine your mobility, embrace independence, and unlock a world of possibilities.

  • Company Headquarter : India
  • Item Model No: WC-102ME
  • Parking Brake: Yes
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Controller: Attendant Controller
  • Driving Range: 15-20 KM
  • Max Speed: 6 KM/H
  • Weight Bearing Capacity: 100 KG
  • Battery: 24V
  • Electromagnetic Brake: Yes

Embrace the future of mobility with the Evox WC-102ME Electric Wheelchair, where cutting-edge technology meets reliability and performance. Join the community of individuals who have chosen excellence in electric wheelchairs and experience the freedom to move on your terms.


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